DevOps Consulting

An effective development process can only be guaranteed with an optimal DevOps toolchain.

DevOps (Development & IT Operations)

DevOps is much more than a catchphrase from agile software development. DevOps engineers are sought-after experts whose area of expertise extends across the areas of software development, infrastructure and operations. As all-rounders, DevOps experts are essential as the central link in agile software projects.

Benefits of DevOps tools and processes
Automation of Configuration Management
Uniform development environment for the entire team
Automated rollout of new developer images
Pre-configured environments relieve the developer

Our developer team is not only passionate about working with DevOps tools, we have already successfully accompanied the introduction of a DevOps toolchain for several customers.

Structure of the toolchain

We work with you to develop the ideal DevOps process for your project and select the appropriate tools. We specialize in Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab, Zabbix and Prometheus.

Training / Coaching

Enable your operations team to run their own DevOps toolchain. We provide the necessary know-how development and are happy to assist you as a partner.

DevOps Operation

We are happy to take over the operation of your DevOps toolchain and ensure that the development environment is up to date.

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