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Digital transformation is about speedy and efficient workflows. Old processes, a waterfall development model and bi-monthly software releases or not able to keep up with the demands of today's dynamic landscape. The tools and methodologies commonly referred to as DevOps promote better communication, tight feedback loops through fast builds and deployments and ultimately enhance your products.

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Tight feedback loops for developers
Faster rollouts - multiple deployments daily instead of monthly releases
Faster restore of service after outages
Automated processes leading to IT cost-cutting of up to 30%

Our Expertise

Fast & Efficient

The CI/CD pipeline that developers deserve

CI/CD Pipeline setups can quickly become complex and as a result often slow or resource hungry. Our team has worked closely with software developers to create fast and reliable pipelines. Both on-premise and in the cloud, we can help you optimize your build environments to give your operations team peace of mind and the developers a tight feedback loop.

Infinite Scalability

Cloud Migration

Whether it is to reduce maintenance cost or to improve your scalability - there are many reasons to migrate your applications into the cloud. We have worked with all major cloud providers, have experts for tools like Terraform or Ansible and can support you in making your applications fit for the cloud by e.g. containerizing them. For a simple European cloud solution, we also recommend to take a look at our Kubernetes Clusters

Due to strict regulation in the healthcare sector, we had to move a large part of our infrastructure to the UK. The team at Hostzero helped us find a cost-effective cloud solution and performed the setup within less than a week.

Customer Darren Zimmer, Diligram

Darren Zimmer, Diligram AG

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Legal Compliance

Auditing & Compliance Consulting

Navigating the complex field of security and compliance is essential to protect your data and ensure adherence to industry standards. Our team specializes in seamlessly integrating security practices into the DevOps lifecycle. We rely on proven methods such as automated security scans, infrastructure vulnerability assessments, and compliance checks for standards like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, or GDPR. Additionally, we offer consultation for the implementation of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), particularly for compliance with ISO 27001.

The Methodology

Many years of experience with diverse clients and requirements give us a very good overview of technologies and platforms and allow us to deliver cloud-agnostic solutions that enable you and your team rather than causing vendor lock-in.

1. Requirement Analysis

Through workshops and a thorough analysis of your current infrastructure and requirements we develop a bespoke plan and ensure your entire team is committed to the implementation.

2. Implementation

Depending on your requirements we either work closely with your team to implement new infrastructure and flows or build and maintain a completely custom setup on your request to increase your team's productivity without blocking any resources.

3. Training / Mentorship

Once the implementation is complete, our experts can provide one-time or continuous training and mentorship to your team to deeply incorporate agile workflows and DevOps methods into your company's DNA.

Elevate your infrastructure and processes to the next level

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