Corepanel Managed Center

All-in-one Portal

Manage Your Services

With the Corepanel Managed Center, we complement our managed service offerings with a self-service portal where you can quickly and easily complete recurring tasks at any time.

Invoices and contracts.
You have access to all invoices and contracts, and can adjust your company's payment and master data at any time.
Domain and email.
Easily and quickly purchase new domains or manage your email addresses with us via Corepanel.
Server and network.
Important functions of your servers and network can be conveniently controlled via Corepanel.
Screenshot of the Corepanel Managed Center Home Screen


Whether configuring private networks, setting up Wireguard tunnels, or simply buying a domain. Corepanel is the central hub for your Hostzero services.


Corepanel offers a modern and intuitively operable interface for daily tasks. Our support is always available for more complex questions.

Account Management

Create accounts for your entire team. Managing multiple client accounts? Choose which users have access to which accounts and switch without having to log in again.

Screenshot of the Corepanel Managed Center Home Screen

Monitor Your Server

Control and monitor your server. Important metrics are visible in real time, such as CPU usage, RAM requirements, I/O on all hard drives, network traffic.

You can also restart your server at any time, for instance if it becomes unreachable, or open a remote console via VPN - should the network connection fail.

Don't want to handle monitoring yourself or need specific metrics for your applications? We are happy to assist you with a customized solution.

Learn more about our monitoring

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to use Corepanel?
Corepanel is available to all Hostzero customers, regardless of the packages or services booked. However, certain functions such as the configuration of Wireguard tunnels are only available if the corresponding packages or services have been ordered. If you do not yet have Corepanel access, please contact your account manager or our support.
I'm unsure about how to operate it. Do I have to use Corepanel?
The Managed Center expands our functions and is intended to provide you quick access to frequently used functions. There is no obligation to use it, and of course, all customers are welcome to continue contacting our support for assistance.
I found an error in Corepanel. Who can I report this to?
Corepanel is currently in the beta phase. While all security-relevant functions are thoroughly tested, we try to provide non-critical functions as quickly as possible. This can lead to certain issues only emerging in live operation. Our support team appreciates such feedback and rewards you with a credit.